Notarized Mandate

Isabelle Rivest germain_rivest-2_r1_c4

If you were to become incapacitated because of an accident, ill health or old age,
have you thought of drafting a Mandate in Case of Incapacity in order to declare who should take care of you and your belongings?

Notarized Mandate: a clear document that can be personalized to your particular circumstances and needs such as the following:

  • Reporting to a third party
  • Organ donation clause
  • Replacement of an authorized representative
  • Different authorized representatives for different classes of possessions
  • Adding a Power-of-Attorney to the Mandate
  • Conservation of the original document in the Notary’s records, protected from
    loss, forgery or destruction
  • Automatic registration at the Québec Chamber of Notaries Registry of Mandates
  • In the event of probate, no need to find witnesses or demonstrate compliance
    with the formalities
  • Saving time and money compared to the opening of a protective regime
  • Obtaining free and informed consent, with legal advice provided.